Agent Smith.png

Agent Jonah Smith

Real Name: Daniel Courtney

Agent No. 437255-B

Age: 25


Agent Smith is a self employed Private Investigator who is also a Time Detective. His role within the Time and Space Detective Bureau is Field Agent, meaning he goes out on missions through Time and Space.

But he didn't start out as Agent Smith. Fifteen years ago he joined Harry Killian's Mafia and ran drugs for him. Daniel soon learnt that Harry was ruining neighborhoods into the ground.

Daniel couldn't go on. So he left the Mafia, but Harry is a vengeful man. Harry ordered his goons to hunt down Daniel and his family. Daniel managed to escape Harry's grasp but his family unfortunately didn't. Daniel has never given up hope of acting his revenge on Harry, since joining the Bureau Daniel has renewed himself. He is now on a path to save people instead of killing them.

Wanted (2015)
Smith and Jonesy (2017)