Clone Chris

Age: 1 (in Clone years)

Occupation: Barista

Favourite Music: Queen, T. Rex, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Beastie Boys, Electric Light Orchestra, Madness

Played by: Christopher Hyde


His friends are James, Chloe, and Granger. They are either down the local pub, going to Art galleries and museums, watching a film at the cinema or just hanging out at James’ house playing board games.

Clone Chris, being a clone of himself is afraid to love. He doesn’t know if he can possibly be with another person. He does however fall in love with James and throughout his arch is wanting to be with him. They are inseparable.

In his privacy Clone Chris likes to write. He is trying to work on writing his first novel but is having trouble what to write about. James suggests Clone Chris should write about his experiences and format them in a setting that explores the many different views he has. He is constantly being dragged down by Christopher who tells him he won’t amount to anything. Clone Chris keeps interacting with Christopher despite their relationship being difficult. He does this to try and show that Christopher is capable of being good and nice. Clone Chris’ view changes significantly when he is left in the past by Christopher. He feels betrayed and decides to confront Christopher about this.

Overtime this abuse Clone Chris puts up with makes him consider his life and decides to move out. James gives Clone Chris a place to stay.

Clone Chris works as a Barista in a Café in town with his friends. He’s an exceptionally good Barista despite it not being his main passion in life. He sees the job as a stepping stone to him eventually becoming a writer. Clone Chris loves the people he works with (James, Granger and Chloe) and his proud of the friendships he’s made. There are many locals who come in and have a chat with the staff.

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