Gary Fin

(The Shark)

Gary The Shark.png

Name: Gary Fin

Age: 125

Species: Human Shark hybrid

Planet of Origin: Earth

Played by: Christopher Hyde, Robbie Fleming & Alex Hunt (respectively)


Gary is a half human half shark originally from Earth. He was banished to the planet Andromeda in the early 80's because he betrayed his own kind. As a result he has spent the last 30+ years on Andromeda stealing food from Forest Bandits and totally isolated from everyone around him.

In the year 2016, Clone Chris travels to Andromeda in search of a crystal. Gary helps him on his quest but encounter a Cat person. They run away to escape the Cat person to then have no way out. Clone Chris and Gary travel by Timey Spacey watch but in the vortex loose each other and end up in different places on Earth. Now Gary is truly alone, on a planet he once knew with a family who may or may not be still around. 


Wanted (2015) - (Cameo appearance) - Played by Alex Hunt

Sharktown Funk (2015) - (Music Video) - Played by Christopher Hyde


Reset (2016) - Played by Robbie Fleming