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RB Day Launches with a new explosive teaser trailer, updates to the website and MORE!

RB Day is here! After months of silence the Reality Blows team have released a new teaser trailer for Keep Yourself Alive which will be debuting on Patreon, the Reality Blows website and (hopefully) Amazon Prime!

Here's an official synopsis of the film:

Years after the events of Smith and Jonesy (2017), Christopher has found a new world he can relax in. He has a clone who helps him pay rent whilst he works away on inventions. One day, a portal opens up on a quiet street. A stranger is tasked with tracking down and capturing Christopher. When Christopher is taken, Clone Chris reaches out to private detective Lucy Spector who aids him with tracking down Christopher, in return she wants the one who captured him. 

An epic battle between good and evil, the past and the present is in store. Prepare for the beginning of an epic conclusion.

Meet the two new heroes of the Reality Blows universe!

Tom Purchase-Rathbone - Actor.jpeg

The new episode Keep Yourself Alive will also be introducing us to two new characters played by Emma Beasley and Tom Purchase-Rathbone. They will be playing the roles of Lucy Spector, a detective who's hired by Clone Chris to help him track down Christopher. Tom is playing Detective Oskar West who may or may not be connected to Christopher's past.

Both Tom and Emma have been involved with drama groups from the local area. This film marks their debut into the Reality Blows universe.

Reality Blows: Keep Yourself Alive is due to release on June 20th 2022 to stream via the website and Patreon.

In more news, the announcement of casting for the new episode has come to light. The latest installment of the franchise will star Emma Beasley as Lucy Spector and Tom Purchase Rathbone as Police Detective Oskar West.

On this website there have been a few changes, we now have an updated character profile for Lucy Spector, trivia on the various productions (available on the Universes pages) and a Gallery displaying some of the iconic shots from the series (and latest teaser).

There will also be a new short story series beginning in March 2022. The series is titled Reality Blows: Agents of Zadok and will feature characters that will play a larger part in the next few episodes!

Emma Beasley - Actor.jpeg